Empower® Dual Activation System

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One System. Multiple Applications.
Zero Compromise.

The Dual Activation System is a single, innovative concept with multiple applications - all designed to enhance your treatment philosophy. Here's what you'll experience with Dual Activation:

  • The best of both worlds - interactive and passive brackets in one unified system
  • Excellent anterior control
  • Improved posterior freedom play
  • Time saving benefits and ease of self ligation

The Choice is Yours

As the most complete self ligating bracket system in the industry, Empower brings you an unprecedented array of possibilities that puts control back in your hands. Dual Activation allows you to truly make the system your own.

Take the various options available with Empower's Dual Activation and make the system your own. Extensive prescription, wire, hook, and pad options allow you to develop a system unique to your treatment style.

System Features and Benefits

American Orthodontics pioneered the Dual Activation system with the introduction of Empower Self Ligating Brackets. Utilizing Empower and Dual Activation delivers the time-saving benefits and ease of self ligation, while allowing you to treat your patients your way using the best of both interactive and passive systems.

  • Minimized ligation forces throughout the system
  • Interactive brackets on anterior teeth for full control and precise finish
  • Passive brackets on posterior teeth for improved freedom play
  • Matching in/outs between interactive and passive designs means no 1st order wire bending compensations

Prescription Choices*

  • McLaughlin, Bennett, Trevisi
  • Roth
  • Modified Damon
  • Roncone
  • Gianelly V-Slot
  • Additional Torque Choices
* American Orthodontics' prescription versions. No endorsement by the doctor(s) is implied.

Bracket Options

  • Three bicuspid pad choices
  • Optional, integrated hooks on laterals, cuspids, and bicuspids

Wire Choices

Testimonial Videos

PowerScope Class II Corrector - Dr. Andy Hayes testimonial
Empower SL Dual Activation System - Dr. Dan Rinchuse testimonial

Interactive Brackets

  • Less ligation friction during initial leveling and aligning
  • Increased torque and rotation control during finishing

Passive Brackets

  • Less ligation friction and lower force mechanics throughout treatment
  • No wires are actively engaged by the clip

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