American Orthodontics offers a complete line of extraoral appliances and supplies. This includes our Eaglewear Safety Release Headgear System.

Eaglewear - Safety Release Headgear System
High-Pull Headgear Strap
  • Dual loop design allows for built in size adjustment
  • Teal on black
  • Packaged individually

Slimline High Pull Release Module
  • For use with Eaglewear high-pull headgear strap only
  • 10 modules (5 pair) per package
  • Packaged individually

  • Zip closure and patient I.D. label
  • 10 pouches per package

Cervical Neck Strap
  • Dual loop design for small or large neck size patients
  • Washable felt material for a comfortable and clean looking strap
  • Use with Safety Release Spring Module
  • 10 straps per package
Safety Release Headgear System
Safety Release Spring Module
  • Use with safety cervical neck straps or high-pull headgear straps
  • Reduces risk of "slingshot" rebound of the facebow
  • Available in three force levels, with color-coded attachment straps
  • Modules available in dark navy blue
  • Ten modules (5 pair) per package

Other Products

IBD brackets provide approximately 40% more interbracket distance than standard twin brackets.
Alexander Brackets
The Alexander LTS System embraces the logic of biologically compatible forces, but does so without compromising control.
LP Direct Bond Tubes
Low profile buccal tubes are reduced in size by 25% over standard sized tubes.

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