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ifit® is American Orthodontics' newest and most advanced tube, delivering the ultimate combination of functionality, convenience, and patient comfort.

Low Profile

ifit features an industry leading, ultra low profile design – even lower than our LP® Tube. This low profile helps deliver exceptional patient comfort without sacrificing functionality.

Innovative Hook Orientation

ifit's hook is on the mesial edge of the body, and angled at a near horizontal orientation. This ensures it doesn't extend beyond the facial surface, improving patient comfort and making bonding less cumbersome.

Centered Funnel Entrance

ifit's centered, funneled entrance is the largest in the American Orthodontics tube portfolio, and makes for easy, successful wire insertion from any angle.

Placement Line and Positioning Guides

A horizontal placement line and instrument positioning guide makes placing ifit easy. The horizontal placement line provides excellent reference for the tooth's occlusal edge, while the positioning guides make bonding easier at the posterior.

Enhanced Bonding and Fit

ifit delivers exceptional bond strength and accuracy with its revolutionary bonding pad and developmental groove. Dual mechanical retention pads layer micro abraded 80-gauge mesh over an etched foil base, and the pronounced developmental groove offers a precise fit.

Distinct, Modern Design

Every design detail has been considered to make ifit more comfortable for the patient, and more accurate for doctors and staff. ifit's streamlined look includes the tube being funneled mesial to distal, a scalloped mesial edge from the facial view, and a flatter hook orientation.

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ifit ISO View
ifit Mesial View

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