Refund / Cancellation Policy

Seminar Cancellations

Registration fees will be refunded if a notice of cancellation is received by American Orthodontics no later than seven calendar days prior to the scheduled start date of the seminar. Notices of cancellation received after seven calendar days are not refundable. In order to cancel a paid registration to a seminar, send an email with your name, mailing address, telephone number and the name of the seminar for which you are requesting a refund of fees to the following email address:

If a seminar is cancelled by American Orthodontics for any reason, all fees that were paid in advance will be refunded.

Credit Card Refunds

Fees paid by credit card will be refunded back to the original credit card that was used to register for a seminar. Please allow 4-5 days for the refund to be applied back to the credit card.

Contacting Us

For questions regarding refunds for seminars, contact us at:

American Orthodontics
Attn: Megan Kersher
3524 Washington Avenue
P.O. Box 1048
Sheboygan, Wisconsin U.S.A. 53082-1048

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