Atmos is a thermoformable plastic tooth positioning material engineered for best-in-class formability and moisture tolerance while maintaining the clarity, durability, and stain resistance demanded by your patients.

Available in multiple sizes and thicknesses, this certified, bio-compatible material arrives in lab friendly packaging allowing you to esily select the proper material from your inventory.American Orthodontics offers an extensive variety of orthodontic supplies. From toothbrushes to urethane models, American Orthodontics has the items you need.

You can save time by pre-loading brackets and bands in storage trays and boxes. American Orthodontics has several solutions available for more efficient storage options.

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Storage Box
Saftey Glasses

Other Products

Radiance® Brackets
Crystal clear and astoundingly strong. Once bonded, Radiance is nearly invisable on the tooth.
Colored Ligatures
Run wild. We have the color
LP® Tubes
Low profile buccal tubes are reduced in size by 25% over standard sized tubes.

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