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When was American Orthodontics founded?
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Sheboygan, Wisconsin has been home to American Orthodontics since 1968. Founded by Dan Merkel, the company remains family owned as it has grown to more than 700 employees worldwide and doing business in more than 110 countries.

Yes. Our experienced and dedicated customer service and shipping teams deliver orders complete and on time to multiple locations in different countries. It is easy! Just call toll free at 800-558-7687.

AO Direct, our e-commerce platform gives you easy access to pricing, order, and shipment information all with AO’s personalized service.

Yes. AO products have gone through the rigor of registering products with regulatory authorities in over 75 different countries and our quality systems are fully compliant with US FDA, UDI, CE, Health Canada, PMDA (Japan), TGA (Australia), Anvisa (Brazil) and ISO 13485. Compliance with US FDA and CE (European Union) regulatory requirements ensures all safety risks are carefully considered and mitigated to their lowest possible levels, both in design and manufacturing. Full traceability of unopened product back to raw materials is maintained in case any questions arise.

Our home office located in Sheboygan, Wisconsin is a testament to state-of-the-art quality. Nearly 98% of AO products are produced in Sheboygan, allowing us to maximize our efficiency throughout our 280,000 square foot facility. Operations and office functions are under one roof, offering the utmost control over product quality and cost containment. AO uses a variety of innovative technologies in its manufacturing process including powdered metal injection molding, sintering, automated machining, CNC Swiss screw machining, 3D printing, laser welding and marking and diamond wet grinding. All of these manufacturing processes are tightly controlled to comply with medical device regulations in all areas and regions of the world. By building its own team of automation engineers that design the company’s machinery and continued investment in manufacturing technologies, AO has built a factory unlike any other in the orthodontic industry.

Yes. Empower 2 Clear from American Orthodontics is a durable, aesthetic, around-the-clock solution to give you the treatment options for the outcome you and your patient desire. Empower 2 Clear offers a robust bracket body design with a modified trident shaped clip that is thicker for better rotational control and wire seating force. A redesigned clip track and chamfered slot entrance increase performance while refinement of Quad Matte Mechanical lock base offers more predictable bonding.

Yes. American Orthodontics has been a leader in developing innovative products for more than 50 years. Our team of product engineers not only develop new products but also design many of the machines to manufacture them. American Orthodontics was the first company to introduce latex free elastics as a result of their R&D efforts.

Yes. With over 700 global employees and product availability in over 110 countries, American Orthodontics is one of the world’s largest privately held manufacturers of orthodontic appliances and a leading supplier to Dental Service Organizations worldwide. AO is here to support and help you build your business through unique marketing programs, dedicated internal and external global support teams for your business model, and a full roster of industry renowned thought leaders that headline continuing education courses worldwide.

No. American Orthodontics is a family owned business founded in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, USA in 1968. Our sole focus is providing exceptional products at fair prices to the global orthodontic community. We also invest heavily in orthodontic education around the world in an effort to help further the profession.

Atmos Thermoforming Plastic, which can form retainers or aligners, has been tested and engineered for best-in-class formability, clarity, moisture tolerance, and extended inventory shelf life.

Recognizing that some patients may have allergies to nickel, American Orthodontics offers a number of nickel free options, including Radiance and Empower, which are made from cobalt. We also produce nickel free archwire and fixed and functional appliances.

Since its inception, AO has always distributed products in the U.S. and Canada

through direct sales representation. Since the 1970’s we have also been able to offer full global representation through our dedicated Sales Teams and Distributor Managers, ensuring consistency in the values that have made American Orthodontics one of the most admired companies in the industry.


Today, approximately 60% of total units are shipments to international markets. AO understands future growth globally will require the ability to be flexible and adapt to each country’s unique needs and we have the people, products and systems in place to succeed. We invest in your success and commit to excellence. We to build long term relationships with our customers and the communities they serve. Whether you choose to place orders via phone, fax, email, through your sales representative or online through AO Direct, you can be sure our knowledgeable customer service team will be there to meet your every need. AO’s global customer service representatives process over 600 orders per day. Orders are typically processed within 8 hours and shipped within 48 hours.

No. American Orthodontics provides no patient care. We are a manufacturer of the treatment supplies an orthodontist uses to treat you.

Yes. Through a network of sales representatives, wholly owned subsidiaries, and distributor company agreements, American Orthodontics sells and ships products in 113 countries, including Switzerland.

Looking for a sales rep? Our knowledgeable sales team will answer any questions you may have about our products and help you get your account set up. If you are looking for a sales representative in your area or have general questions, please contact us at 800-558-7687. You can also find contact information for more countries by clicking the link below.