Texas A&M Student Dr. Amanda Gross Wins 2021 Eugene L. Gottlieb JCO Student of the Year Award, Presented by American Orthodontics

The Journal of Clinical Orthodontics is proud to name Dr. Amanda Gross from Texas A&M University as the winner of the 2021 Eugene L. Gottlieb . . .

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030921 Pre JCO

Orthodontists Judge AO Products Best In Class with Five 2020 Townie Choice Awards

American Orthodontics is proud to be the winner of five 2020 Orthotown Townie Choice Awards, highlighted by again winning the Metal Twin . . .

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Ultradent Partners with American Orthodontics

Ultradent Products, Inc., and American Orthodontics are excited to announce a partnership in which American Orthodontics will exclusively distribute Ultradent’s Opal Orthodontics . . .

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American Orthodontics Introduces BracePaste Band and Build LC

On the heels of BracePaste Color Change, American Orthodontics now introduces BracePaste Band and Build LC. This fluoride releasing, light cure band cement adds another option for . . .

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011921 Preview

American Orthodontics Earns Six International MarCom Awards

American Orthodontics is proud to announce the creative marketing team of the company has won six International MarCom Awards, including a prestigious Platinum Award . . .

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American Orthodontics Introduces BracePaste Color Change

American Orthodontics introduces BracePaste Color Change, giving orthodontists an additional option for its award winning medium viscosity adhesive . . .

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American Orthodontics Introduces New LUNO® Debond Tool

With a simple, intuitive mesial-distal rocking motion, the new Luno® Debond Tool is specifically designed to debond ceramic or aesthetic brackets such as Empower 2 Clear and Radiance Plus . . .

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AO Early Regulatory Compliance Benefits Orthodontists

American Orthodontics, as a manufacturer of orthodontic products classified as medical devices, is fully compliant with the Unique Device Identification (UDI) System months in advance . . .

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061020 Regulations

American Orthodontics Acquires Atlanta Orthodontics and Introduces ART® Spring

The Anterior Root Torquing Spring Auxiliary (ART®) device was created in 1969 by Dr. James Reeve of Atlanta Orthodontics, which AO has now acquired. It is a pre-formed torquing auxiliary . . .

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051420 ART

American Orthodontics Introduces Empower 2 Clear Aesthetic Bracket

American Orthodontics introduces Empower 2 Clear, a smartly redesigned enhancement of its aesthetic bracket. Engineered from the ground up for performance and beauty . . .

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041520 Empower2Clear