American Orthodontics Garners More Orthotown® Townie Choice Awards

Sheboygan, Wisconsin – American Orthodontics is proud to be the winner of three 2018 Orthotown Townie Choice Awards. This is the sixth year in a row the company has been recognized for best-in-class products, and it has increased its total number of awards to 35 in the six-year history of the competition. Orthodontic professionals vote based on their experiences with products and services across several categories.

Since the inception of the Townies Choice Awards, American Orthodontics has swept the Traditional Bracket category, with Empower, MiniMaster Series and Empower 2 brackets. This marks the fifth consecutive year that Tanzo wire has been voted as best the Archwire category. AO has also swept the categories of Bondable Buccal Tubes, Elastic Chain (power chain), Ligature Ties and Wires, Arch Wire, Coil Springs - Closed, Coil Springs - Open, Buttons, and Elastics categories since their inception.

“We are so fortunate to be recognized by the orthodontic community as the best in the business for six years in a row,” says American Orthodontics President and COO Jaume Mesalles. “These awards are a great honor because they are voted on by the orthodontic practitioners themselves, validating our mission of providing the highest quality products at the best value in the industry.”

American Orthodontics’ Empower 2 bracket topped all others in 2018 while Tanzo was once again the winner for Archwires. Many of American Orthodontics’ previous Townie Choice award winning products were combined into the single award category of Auxiliary Attachments in 2018, including Bondable Buccal Tubes, Elastic Chain, Elastics Ligature Ties and Wires, Buttons, Coil Springs - Closed, and Coil Springs – Open.

ABOUT AMERICAN ORTHODONTICS: American Orthodontics is the largest privately held orthodontic manufacturer in the world, proudly based in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Since 1968, American Orthodontics has been manufacturing quality orthodontic products and peripherals for customers in more than 110 countries. More than 98% of American Orthodontics’ products are manufactured at its Sheboygan headquarters using highly automated production equipment and a skilled, dedicated workforce. With 14 wholly owned subsidiaries, a direct sales force in North America, and a global team of exclusive distributors, American Orthodontics is a true orthodontic industry leader, committed to providing customers quality products, personalized service and dependable delivery.

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