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Dr. Ben Larrabee

After excelling at renowned University of Michigan Dental School and finishing in the top 5% of his class, Dr. Larrabee attended the state-of-the-art Marquette University and received his Masters in Orthodontics. Dr. Larrabee loved Marquette’s program as it gave him exposure to the different approaches and technologies available in orthodontics. After completing his residency in 2003, Dr. Larrabee practiced in the city of Chicago for three years, working with the likes of Oprah Winfrey’s dentists, until he realized he needed more sunshine and made the move to Arizona. Dr. Larrabee has been practicing in the East Valley for over eight years now.

At Advanced Orthodontics, Dr. Larrabee has assembled an amazing team who are excited to bring continual education, training, skills and technology to its practice. Dr. Larrabee is able to offer his patients the latest advancements available today. In fact, Dr. Larrabee has had three of his patients featured on the cover of The American Journal of Orthodontists.

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