guimaraes graca

Dr. Graça Guimarães

D.M.S., M.S.

Dr. Graça Guimarães graduated from Universidade de Uberabe - UNIUBE dental school, and earned her orthodontics specialization at APCD/UNESP. Dr. Guimarães has run a private practice in Sáo Paulo, Brazil since 1993. She serves as Professor of the Lingual Orthodontics Residence in Sao Paulo, and is co-author of the bookéLingual Orthodontics. She started to study Lingual Orthodontics in 2003 and was certified in the Harmony system in 2012. Dr. Guimarães has also developed a deep knowledge of many orthodontic topics through various courses including Segmented Arch Technique, TMJ and Oralfacial Pain, and the Alexander Discipline.


Lingual Orthodontics

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