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Orange Box System

The Orange Box system is an excellent solution for pre-pasted brackets, or indirect bonding set ups, in offices where there may be additional downtime. Office staff can prepare the brackets up to a week before the bonding appointment and keep them stored without fear of the adhesive curing prematurely. Preparation time can be controlled while significantly reducing patient chair time.

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Product Features

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1. Work Box

Orange colored plastic prevents polymerization, creating a safe zone for prepasting brackets.

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2. Storage Box

Protects six prepasted cases for up to two weeks before bonding.

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3. Chairside Cover

Protects one prepasted case at chairside until ready for bonding.

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4. Mini Chairside Cover

A smaller version of the chairside cover, it protects a few prepasted brackets at chairside until ready for bonding.

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5. Mouth Shields

Used to prevent ambient light from prematurely polymerizing brackets after they're positioned, but prior to curing. Helpful whenever curing is delayed after positioning.

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6. Indirect Bond Setup Storage Box

Used to protect brackets that have been placed onto a model, awaiting separator and tray.

Key Features

Step 1: Prepaste customized or standardized brackets inside The Orange Box work box will protect ambient light from the adhesive. Place prepasted brackets base-down on specially coated Slippery Bond Cards. The Slippery Bond Card is easily sterilizable, allows you to write the patients name and date of bonding on it, and is reusable.

Step 2: Store up to six prepasted Slippery Bond Card bracket setups in the storage container of the Orange Box system. The new Indirect Bond Box allows storage for a stone model for up to one week prior to appointment, preventing premature cure from ambient light.

Step 3: Bring Slippery Bond Card chairside covered with The Orange Box Chairside Cover prior to appointment. The Orange Box Chairside Cover will protect against the ambient light and there are two different sizes of Chairside Covers to choose from.

Occasionally, a patient has prepasted brackets in their mouth but are not quite ready to be cured yet. The Orange Box Mustache Tool is a mustache-shaped face shield which is simply held over the patients mouth until curing is to begin.

American Orthodontics Orange Box Pre-Paste System

The American Orthodontics Orange Box Pre-Paste System allows you to pre-paste, organize, and store brackets in a safe light-proof container. This video details the system and shows an example of how to use it.

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