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20/40™ Brackets

With your treatment goals in mind, we have reduced the ceramic particle size, allowing for a more rounded, smaller ceramic bracket while increasing the resistance to fracture and providing outstanding translucency.

  • Mechanical retention base improves bond strength and greatly eases the debonding process - no special adhesive or debonding tool required
  • Because material is stronger, the bracket base can be smaller
  • Smooth, hardened surface and rounded slot corners improve friction control and allow for more efficient sliding mechanics
  • Generous tie-wing undercut area makes ligation easier with less stress on bond interface resulting in fewer bond failures
  • Beveled lower anterior reduces occlusal interference and enamel wear
  • Complete twin system, with streamlined hooks available on cuspids and bicuspids, allows for interchangeable mechanics with metal bracket systems
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Product Features

feat 2040 hooks


Strengthened hooks on the cuspids and bicuspids.

feat 2040 comfort


Comfortably smooth contours.

feat 2040 wings

Tie Wings

Generous tie wing undercut for easy ligation.

feat 2040 base


Mechanical lock base bonds with all types of adhesive.

feat 2040 slot

Nickel free insert. Color coded bracket ID and slot.

feat 2040 dovetail

Dovetail Groove

A dovetail groove base offers excellent mechanical adhesion while smooth slot surface and rounded edges reduce friction.

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