BTY EO bags
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BTY EO bags
BTY EO straps
BTY EO neck


American Orthodontics offers a complete line of extraoral appliances and supplies.

High-Pull Headgear Strap

  • Dual loop design allows for built in size adjustment
  • Pink or Blue
  • Packaged individually


  • Zip closure and patient I.D. label
  • 10 pouches per package

Cervical Neck Strap

  • Dual loop design for small or large neck size patients
  • Washable felt material for a comfortable and clean looking strap
  • 10 straps per package

Safety Release Spring Module

  • Use with safety cervical neck straps or high-pull headgear straps
  • Reduces risk of "slingshot" rebound of the facebow
  • Available in three force levels, with color-coded attachment straps
  • Modules available in dark navy blue
  • Ten modules (5 pair) per package

Protraction Facemask

  • Multi adjustable
  • Ergonomic forehead and chin cup design
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American Orthodontics Earns Six International MarCom Awards


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American Orthodontics Introduces BracePaste Color Change


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American Orthodontics Introduces New LUNO® Debond Tool


With a simple, intuitive mesial-distal rocking motion, the new Luno® Debond Tool is specifically designed to debond ceramic or aesthetic brackets such as Empower 2 Clear and Radiance Plus . . .

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