BTY Jasper
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BTY Jasper
BTY GntlJump

Jasper Jumper and Gentle Jumper

As an adjunct to fixed appliance therapy, the Jasper Jumper and the Gentle Jumper present an opportunity to minimize extractions and to reduce or eliminate headgear. When activated 4 mm, the Jasper Jumper will exert 360 grams of force. By comparison, at the same amount of deflection, the Gentle Jumper exerts 75 grams of force, which is better suited to mixed dentition cases. Now the clinician can choose between two force levels for an even greater range of clinical applications. Both the Jasper Jumper and the Gentle Jumper provide provide the following:

  • They are fixed so patient cooperation is assured
  • They work along the growth or Y axis, thus they properly advance the mandible rather than retracting the maxilla
  • Because of the ball joint, the Jumpers swivel allowing normal functions such as eating and tooth brushing
  • They are safe. No extra-oral traction is involved
  • They are cosmetic
  • They can be used for Class II or Class III corrections and can apply different forces on each side of the jaw for cross bites
  • Forces are adjustable and measurable

The Jumpers are an important addition to your armamentarium which can be of great value in your overall treatment plan. Directions are included with each kit.

Measuring for correct size:

To get the right length, have patients bite in their retruded or centric bite and measure from the mesial of the headgear tube to the distal of the lower ball stop, then add 12 mm (4 mm for the tube, 4 mm of free play, and 4 mm of built-in activation). Some patients may require different length Jumpers on the left or right side.

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