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PowerScope™ 2 Class II Corrector

PowerScope 2 brings you simple, efficient, Class II correction like you've never seen before. This latest generation features a stronger wire attachment nut and visual activation indicators. It addresses critical needs of the orthodontist, including patient comfort and acceptance, extensive range of motion, simple installation and much more.* PowerScope 2 goes from package to treatment in just seconds, and unlike other Class II correctors, there's no need for assembly, measuring, or appliance manipulation. This wire-to-wire device delivers unmatched patient comfort, eliminates the need for headgear tubes or special band assemblies, and can be used with either banded or bonded molar tubes.

PowerScope 2 has the ability to treat the following types of cases:

  • Class II correction with dentoalveolar compensation of occlusion (Class II elastics effect)
  • Class II division 1 malocclusions
  • Class II division 2 malocclusions
  • Unilateral correction of Class II
  • Asymmetric cases - midline correction
  • Distalizing upper posterior teeth (headgear substitute)
  • Mini-screw alternative - anchorage for mandibular arch space closure (aplasia)
  • Aid with opening space for future implants
    • Anterior maxilla
    • Posterior mandible
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Product Features

feat PS magnet

Magnetic Feature

Magnetic sleeve slides onto driver for secure hold of appliance during installation.

feat PS friendly

Patient-Friendly Design

PowerScope's low profile means a more aesthetic appearance, and its smooth, rounded design provides better patient comfort. There's no piston extending distally from the upper molars, which helps reduce ulceration.

feat PS ready

Ready To Use

One-piece, no assembly required, and no need for lab setup.

feat PS hex

Hex Head Screws

Reverse screw thread assembly minimizes screw loosening during treatment, while hex head design allows safe and easy appliance delivery.

feat PS scope

18mm Telescoping Mechanism

Durable, proven telescoping design will not disengage during treatment, helping avoid unnecessary emergency visits.

feat PS spring

Nickel Titanium Internal Spring Mechanism

260mg. spring activated mechanism means reduced treatment time compared to traditional Class II Herbst appliances.

feat PS nut01

Open Channel Attachment Nut

Simple wire-to-wire installation reduces inventory of special band attachments and headgear tubes.

feat PS nut02

Alternate Closed Channel Attachment Nut

Closed channel attachment nut allows for extra oral installation and wire is fully encapsulated.

feat PS ballsocket

Ball and Socket Joint

Unique design maximizes lateral movement for improved patient comfort and acceptance.

feat PS lines

Activation Lines

Three distinct lines provide a clear visual cue to aid in activation of the appliance.

Key Features

In-House Cycle Testing

American Orthodontics tested PowerScope 2 to more than nine million cycles. That's equal to opening and closing your mouth once every six seconds, every minute you're awake, for more than two years.

American Orthodontics PowerScope 2

American Orthodontics PowerScope 2

AO Product Manager Jon Wiegert takes you through an overview and the activation of the PowerScope 2 Class II Corrector.

American Orthodontics PowerScope Activation

American Orthodontics PowerScope Activation

Dr. Andy Hayes gives us a quick look at how to properly activate the PowerScope Class II Corrector using shims.

American Orthodontics PowerScope 2 Class II Corrector Activation Process

American Orthodontics PowerScope 2 Class II Corrector Activation Process

AO Senior Product Manager Dan Lopez gives us a look at how to properly activate the PowerScope 2 Class II Corrector. Also includes an additional tip from Dr. Andy Hayes.

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