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Orthodontists need instruments that are not only reliable but are also an extension of the expertise and quality treatment they provide patients. Luno instruments deliver dependable performance and a premium experience that are representative of the skills an orthodontic practitioner consistently displays. Every Luno cutter, bender, and plier is precision manufactured from American-forged steel to effectively prevent corrosion and tested beyond industry standards. Luno also features an ergonomic design, signature two-tone finish, and a 10-year warranty.

Flush orbit joints found on each Luno instrument keep debris out of the joint and ensure consistent, durable performance. Each Luno instrument is laser engraved with lot numbers and wire specifications to assist in quality control and ensure it is the right instrument for the right job. With a focus on ergonomics, Luno is ideal for orthodontists and patients alike. The smooth polished surface with a patented two-tone finish provides optimum comfort while in the hand and in the mouth of the patient.

Luno Cutters are engineered with an inserted tool steel blade, delivering a precise edge for dependable performance.

Luno features dependable, long lasting pliers that instill confidence while bending wire. The smooth finished tips deliver precision bending every time and help prevent wire scoring.

Utility and Specialty Pliers
The high quality of Luno pliers deliver the versatility you need for any job. The specialty instruments provide excellent control and versatility, while still delivering the strength and quality performance demanded by orthodontists.

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Product Features

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American Forged Quality

Luno is meticulously crafted using the highest quality American-forged steel to effectively prevent corrosion. Each Luno instrument is hand-tested far beyond industry standards for quality, ensuring impeccable functionality and durability.

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Smooth, Flush Joint

The flush orbit joint found on each Luno instrument is designed to keep debris out of the joint, and ensure consistent performance.

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Sleek Two-Tone Finish

Luno's signature two-toned finish represents the attention to detail and quality found in each and every instrument.

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Ergonomic Design

Luno's ergonomic design is ideal for both you and your patients. Not too big, not too small, and with a smooth polished surface, each instrument provides optimum comfort while in the hand, and in the patient's mouth.

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Lot numbers and applicable wire sizes engraved on each instrument, ensuring quality control and that you have the right instrument for the right job, every time.

Key Features

Ten Year Warranty

A warranty this strong comes from a commitment to craftsmanship, which begins with quality materials and ends with precision manufacturing. Luno Instruments are guaranteed to resist corrosion and breakage for 10 years.

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