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Empower® 2 Metal Brackets

Empower 2's metal brackets give you the choice of a fully interactive, fully passive, or combination Dual Activation™ system.

Advanced Smile Technology

Empower 2 is designed with comfort and orthodontist’s treatment goals in mind. Each Empower 2 bracket is built to the highest standard with leading edge, high performance technology.

Treatment Versatility

Empower 2 is the first in the industry to offer you the versatility of both interactive and passive bracket designs in one unified system with coordinated in/outs.

Interactive Bracket

  • Lower ligation forces early in treatment: exceptional torque and rotation control during working and finishing phases
  • Available in metal upper and lower 5-5 and ceramic upper 5-5

Passive Bracket

  • Lower ligation forces throughout treatment
  • Available in metal upper and lower 5-5

Dual Activation

This combination interactive/passive system allows you the best of both worlds:

Anterior Teeth – Interactive Brackets

  • Lower ligation forces during initial leveling and alignment phases
  • Increased torque and rotational control during finishing

Posterior Teeth – Passive Brackets

  • Lower ligation forces throughout treatment
  • Matching in/outs between interactive and passive designs means no 1st order wire bending compensations
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Product Features

feat hooks

Low Profile Patient-friendly Hooks (optional)

Delivers the hook options you need without sacrificing patient comfort.

feat clip

Precision Heat Treated Chromium Cobalt Clip

Provides dependable performance throughout treatment.

feat centerline

Center Line

Allows for accurate bonding alignment with the long axis of the tooth.

feat mesh

Micro Etched Compound Countoured Maximum Retention™ Pads

Combines reliable bond strength with predictable debonding.

feat slot

Chamfered Slot Entrances

Eliminates sharp corners to reduce wire binding.

feat wings

Extended Tie Wings

Provides easy tie-ability and allows differential tying.

feat notch

Keeper Notch

Keeps wire engaged in the slot even with heavily rotated or inset teeth.

Key Features

  • Individual Color Coding - Ensures easy tooth identification during bonding.

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