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Empower® 2 Clear Brackets

Empower 2 Clear is a smartly redesigned enhancement of its aesthetic bracket.

Engineered from the ground up for performance and beauty, the polycrystalline material is formulated to deliver uncompromising strength. Empower 2 Clear brackets are designed using state of the art CAD modeling and computerized simulation resulting in improved mechanical strength. Through extensive internal lab testing, American Orthodontics has also refined the debonding predictability of its patented Quad Matte technology — all without compromising the aesthetic clarity of the bracket.

The robust bracket body design of Empower 2 Clear enhances durability without sacrificing tie-ability. The clip is now 20% thicker than the prior offering, providing increased wire seating force and reduced clip deformation. The trident shape of the clip offers better rotational control and helps seat wire during closure while adding a visual cue to confirm clip closure. Reduced binding friction results from the redesigned wire slot chamfers while opening and closing is enhanced through improvements in the clip track.

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Product Features

feat empower2clear track

Redesigned Clip Track

Added relief for the clip track provides easier opening.

feat empower2clear slot

Chamfered Slot Entrance

Reduces friction from wire binding.

feat empower2clear clip shape

Modified Clip Design

Trident shape clip offers better rotational control. Helps seat wire into slot during closure and adds visual cue to confirm clip closure.

feat empower2clear robust

Robust Bracket Body Design

Enhanced durability without sacrificing tie-ability.

feat empower2clear clip thick

Thicker, More Robust Clip

20% thicker clip increase wire seating force and reduces clip deformation.

feat empowerclear base

Simplified Debonding

Patented Quad Matte® Mechanical lock base technology is refined to offer more predictable debonding.

Key Features

  • Individual Color Coding - Ensures easy tooth identification during bonding.

  • Visual Positioning Aids - Color coded elastomeric Visual Positioning Aids in arch wire slots assist with bracket alignment during bonding. VPAs are latex free and easily removed with a scaler.

American Orthodontics Empower Self Ligating Braces Opening and Closing

This video leads us through opening and closing methods for the Empower self ligating family of brackets. The self ligating clip on Empower metal, clear and molar tubes easily opens using one universal instrument, and closes with simple finger pressure.

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