BTY thermaTi
BTY thermaTi

NT3® SE NiTi Wire

NT3 Nickel Titanium Arch Wire

  • Fully active at room temperature
  • Exhibits excellent springback
  • Gentle to patients, but powerful enough to align even the most challenging cases
  • Moderate forces are an excellent choice for all treatment phases except finishing

Therma-Ti® Lite

  • Lightest force heat activated wire, transitions to its active state at 35˚ C
  • Soft at room temperature for easy and comfortable wire insertion
  • All cross sections are best suited for low force applications
  • Rectangular dimensions to deliver optimal light forces during initial treatment phase

TriTanium™ Wire

Different teeth benefit from different tooth moving forces.

TriTanium has three distinct thermally activated force regions which place the correct force in the anterior, bicuspid, and posterior arch regions to efficiently level, align, and torque. With any other arch wire it could take multiple arch wire changes to achieve similar results.

  • Superior Patient Comfort
  • Fewer Archwire Changes
  • Longer Treatment Intervals
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Product Features

feat niti forces

Gentle Forces

The anterior region has a gentle heat activated force, similar to Therma-Ti Lite, for moving small single-rooted teeth. (Tritanium)

feat niti forces

Moderate Forces

The mid-region has a moderate hear activated force, similar to standard Therma-Ti, for larger rooted biscuspids. (Tritanium)

feat niti forces

Heavy Forces

The posterior region has the heaviest force, similar to Force I NiTi, for moving multi-rooted molars. (Tritanium)

Key Features

Dimpled (Permanent Centerline)
The distinct upper and lower gable bends anchor the arch wire between the central incisors, preventing the wire from shifting and springing free from the buccal tubes. This unique feature minimizes emergencies and prevents asymmetry problems. It also eliminates the need for time-consuming cinch-back bends.

Gold Coated
Coated with 24 karat gold, these Force I arches blend tastefully with our "Forever Gold" brackets, with little compromise in function. Designed specifically to help you meet the needs of patients who prefer aesthetic appliances.

Reverse Curve of Spee
Our reverse curve arches are recommended for bite opening/closing and to correct curve of Spee irregularities. The rectangular arches are specifically designed for "low maintenance" space closure of extraction spaces. They act three-dimensionally to counteract unwanted tooth movement caused by closing chain.

Reverse Curve of Spee - Straight Leg
This modified reverse curve arch has all of the features of our standard "RCS" arch, except that the molar "toe in" has been eliminated. The distal legs are straight in order to minimize excess distal-lingual rotation of molars. Additionally, the anterior segment has been widened slightly to minimize cuspid-to-cuspid constriction. It's an excellent choice when molar tip-back bends are required to provide additional anchorage.

Straight Length
These 7 inch (17.5 cm) straight lengths of super-elastic Force I wire can be used to create sectional wires and special auxiliaries. Its high resiliency requires considerable over-bending to achieve the desired form.

Superelastic Force I nickel titanium available in 15 foot (14.6m) spools.

  • Loading force: Force required to deflect or load arch wire into the slot.
  • Unloading force: Working or rebounding force that moves teeth as the wire is returning to its original form.
  • Transition force: The difference between loading and unloading forces.
  • Martensitic state: Cold or softest state of titanium wire. "Martensitic" or thermal arches are in this condition at room temperature.
  • Austenitic state: Stiffest, most resilient state of titanium wire. "Austenitic" arches are in this state at room temperature.
  • Transformation: The change from Martensitic to Austenitic state, generally induced by temperature increases.
  • Superelastic: Highly resistant to permanent deformation and able to maintain relatively constant forces during rebound.
  • Shape Memory: The ability of a wire to remember its original shape, even after being deformed.

Product Information

NT3 Product Brochure

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American Orthodontics Senior Product Manager Dan Lopez gives us a brief introduction to two of AO's leading wire brands - Tanzo Premium Heat Activated Wire, and NT3 SE NiTi Wire. Both are manufactured at AO's state of the art headquarters in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

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