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Stainless Steel Wire

Stainless Steel Wire Options

American Orthodontics Stainless Steel arches are made from the highest quality vacuum-remelted 304V stainless steel alloy. This ensures a pure, inclusion-free arch wire, with superior tensile strength and less brittleness. All dimensions are closely monitored with state-of-the-art laser micrometers to ensure consistent and accurate tolerances. Strict corner-radius controls ensure optimal wire-to-bracket interaction. Wire torque is vigorously controlled, to prevent unwanted vertical discrepancies. All arches are carefully stress relieved and polished to reduce breakage and excess friction.

Posted Arches
Malleable .032 diameter posts are securely soldered to the main arch wire to provide a "sure grip" purchase point for force modules, auxiliaries, and high-pull J-hook headgear. The generous 8.3 mm length allows for great flexibility in forming various hook configurations. Simply measure the distance from the distal of one cuspid to the distal of the other cuspid to determine the proper arch size. Universal upper and lower arch forms reduce the need for excess inventory.

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Product Features

gal twist


A triple-stranded wire, with high spring-back characteristics and a superior range of deflection. It can be easily formed and will not fray or unravel when cut. Excellent for early treatment stages.

gal co ax


A six strand wire that can be flexed to a high degree, without taking a permanent set. It delivers a gentle, constant force making it ideal for leveling. It will not fray or unravel when cut. It is tightly wound to provide a smooth surface finish.

gal streight

Streight™ Woven

An eight-stranded rectangular wire with high resiliency and resistance to deformation. It is less stiff than single strand stainless steel and is useful as a "setting" arch in the finishing stage of treatment.

Key Features

  • Forged from highest quality medical grade steel
  • Strict corner-radius and torque controls ensure optimal wire to bracket interaction
  • Stress relieved for superior tensile strength with less brittleness
  • Gold Coated aesthetic wire plated with 24 karat gold
  • Gold Tone™ heat treated to slightly higher tensile strength

Multi-Strand Stainless Steel Wire

Multi-strand stainless steel wire provides greater flexibility and resistance to fracture than equivalent single strand wire. American Orthodontics offers an excellent selection of multi-strand wire in a variety of arch forms.

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