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As the recognized market leader in supporting orthodontic residents, American Orthodontics is with you as you move through the educational process and into your career in orthodontics. In so many ways, we will be there when you need us.

How does American Orthodontics support Universities?

Product Discounting - AO provides over one-million dollars in orthodontic product and materials to resident programs at prices well below normal market value. This is particularly important given the increasing gap between growing demand for product and the funding cuts prevalent in today's university settings.

Research Grants - AO supports a vast array of orthodontic research projects. For more information please contact us.

Speaker Sponsorships - We support many world-renowned speakers who frequently lecture at orthodontic schools across the world.

How else does American Orthodontics support you?

Practice Financing - As you leave residency and begin your career as an orthodontist, American Orthodontics is again there to support you. Seeing the problems inherent in today's credit markets, AO forged a strategic alliance with a large National Bank, offering practice start-up / transition / improvement funding at very low interest. We also offer lines of credit at rates below the prevailing prime rate of interest. This funding can be used for practice management software, office remodeling, capital equipment and expenses directly linked to office start-up or office transition. To learn more about this popular program, please contact your American Orthodontics Product Representative.

Graduate Orders - American Orthodontics will offer you a start-up order second to none with the highest quality orthodontic products available. Because we manufacture what we sell we offer the best customer service in the orthodontic industry. This service, coupled with our strategic alliances to companies such as Hu-Friedy, get you started out on a path to a successful career in orthodontics. Please see your American Orthodontics Product Representative for more information on our Graduate Order Programs.

Visit Us

American Orthodontics is pleased to sponsor resident groups to come to our corporate offices in Wisconsin, tour our manufacturing facility, and stay at our cabins on the shores of Lake Michigan. Some resident groups visit us purely on a recreational basis, while other residents will have American Orthodontics assist and sponsor a speaker or seminar as part of their visit. Either way, it will be a terrific experience that you will not soon forget.